More than just a provider of Local and Long Distance Phone Service provider, Voipia brings our customers advanced Voice Solutions that take advantage of all the features and benefits of VoIP.


Voipia is a California Licensed Low-Voltage Installer that specializes in Phone and Data CAT6 installation, office wiring clean-up, linking buildings via wireless antennas, install and support of security cameras.


To insure our customers have the highest quality internet connection at the best price, Voipia has partnered with the top Internet backbone carriers in the country.


In addition to Voice Solutions and Internet connections, Voipia provides our customers the strongest and most reliable IP Phone equipment.


Voipia Networks is an Advanced Phone Service provider based in North America, with local phone number coverage throughout the US and Canada. Voipia serves Business Customers from Hawaii to Maryland with Professional IP Phones on their desks that are linked to the customer’s cell phones and desk-top computers. Voipia leverages our years of industry experience to access and recommend the right Voipia solution for every customer. In many customer deployments, Voipia Low-Voltage Wiring Experts will rewire and clean-up the customer’s Phone Network to insure the Highest Call Quality. Voipia will then recommend and help to install the right Internet Connections that will separate the voice and data traffic for our customers. Lastly, Voipia will install the right phone equipment for each customer, including Cordless Phones and Bluetooth Headsets. With a clean, high quality phone network and the right phone equipment, our customers are able to focus on growing their businesses here in North America and around the world.

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