There are a number of factors that contribute to making IP Telephony less expensive than traditional Phone Service.

Taxes & Fees: Traditional Phone Companies pass along numerous taxes and fees, some dating back to funding US War efforts more than 50 years ago. On a Traditional Phone Bill, these taxes can add another 30% to your monthly cost. Voice of IP is classified as an Internet Service. Since Internet is a relatively new technology, the main taxing entity is the Federal Government. While Local and State Agencies are rushing to create special Fees on IP Telephony, the current total taxes & fees add around 15% of your Voipia Phone Service.

Service Plans: Similar to the taxes a Traditional Phone Company has to deal with, there is an unbelievable amount of Government Regulations that add costs to Local, In-State, and Long Distance Calls. Voice communications over the Internet is considered Inter-State Traffic and uses far less Switching Equipment to complete a phone call. This allows us to more aggressively price Unlimited Calling Plans that save you money.

So, you’ve heard you can save money with VoIP, but do you know why?

Equipment: More than just a Traditional Key System for your office, a Voipia Virtual PBX Service comes standard with the all the features and functionality of a major office PBX. Rather than having to purchase/lease thousands of dollars of PBX phone equipment and then purchase Phone Services, a Voipia business customer gets features and calling services in a simple, easy to budget plan.

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