Frequently Asked Questions

Voipia is an Internet Telephony Service Provide based in Northern California with the Network capability to provide Internet and Phone Services to Residential and Business Customers throughout the United States and parts of Canada.

Voice over the Internet (commonly referred to as VoIP) has become one of the defining changes in the Phone Service Industry. Value, features, and price are the driving forces that make VoIP a win-win for businesses and residents. These customers are quickly adopting VoIP to leverage their broadband services and customize their calling worldwide in ways they never dreamed of…

In order to use Voipia’s phone service, you will need:

  • A high speed internet connection service such as ADSL with 700kbps or higher, Cable Broadband, or T-1
  • A Credit Card or Debit Card with US billing and a US shipping address
  • An ATA device or an IP phone, both can be purchased through Voipia

The final answer depends heavily on the type of internet connection and what other services it is being used for… Voipia does not support our services being used over a Satellite Internet Connection, a Dial-up Internet Connection, and most low-grade or “shared” DSL Internet Connections. An un-compressed VoIP Phone Call uses around 70kbps of Internet Service for each phone call. So, your existing Internet Connection should have enough Bandwidth on it’s “upstream” to handle your simultaneous phone calls and your other network services. We encourage you to test your existing Internet Connection and speak with a Voipia Representative before placing your order. In many cases, Voipia can provide a separate Internet Connection directly to your location for the phone calls to run over.

Yes. Voipia’s phone service works with most phones designed for residential use. Business customers may choose to purchase an IP enabled Business phone that connects their network directly to Voipia’s platform. If the Business customer has an existing Phone System and is just looking for a good alternative to the traditional Phone Service providers, they can choose Voipia’s SIP Trunk service and a Voipia supported Gateway to convert our Platform to traditional POTs lines and/or PRI Services.

Yes. In most cases, if Voipia’s network is in your area, we can port your existing phone number to our service.  Porting of your number can take 7 to 20 days on average.  Voipia will provide you a temporary phone number local to your area for you to use until your phone number is ported to our network.

No. You may get a phone number in any city Voipia’s service is available. Many VoIP customers add a second line for family members to dial as a local number. These family members enjoy local calling that can ring your phone thousands of miles away. Many businesses add additional phone numbers for remote cities before they invest in real estate.

No. Voipia’s phone service mimics a traditional phone service.  Voipia’s network allows our customers to make outbound calls to local and long distance numbers.  Customers may have to pre-pay to make international calls (check with a Voipia Representative for more information).

Yes. You can use Voipia’s phone service anywhere there is a clean high speed internet connection. Just be sure to bring your phone adaptor (ATA) device or your IP Phone with you.  Some customer ever use a Voipia support Softphone on their Laptop Computers to make calls on the road. Be aware that the internet connection at some locations may affect your ability to make or receive calls if they are of low quality, have an active firewall, or block VoIP Data Packets.  If you choose, you can log in to your customer portal and have all of your inbound calls “Call Forwarded” to your cell phone or any other US phone number.

You can take your Voipia phone service with you. Unlike the constraints of a traditional phone company, you can keep the same phone number, or easily change it to a new number for the area you moved to.

Voipia’s Advanced Platform supports both Domestic and International Toll-Free numbers. Our customers can request new Toll-free numbers and they can move their existing Toll-Free numbers to Voipia.

Voipia Networks does support dialing 911.  The customer must have an active account, and a working IP Device (ATA or IP Phone) registered to our platform.  Remember that these devices do require power and a working internet connection to register to our Platform. Voipia does not offer primary line or lifeline services.

Yes. Voipia’s phone service does support 411 for information services and 611 to reach our support teams. Each 411 call is billed at $1 per instance. 611 calls are free.

Yes. There is a one time $34.95 installation fee per phone line that covers the setting up of the service. Additional one-time charges may include the cost of IP Phone Equipment, configuring the Equipment, and shipping of the Equipment to your location. Some customers request for Voipia’s experienced network teams to visit their locations and re-wire that location to support VoIP.

The initial equipment, shipping, set-up fee, and applicable taxes are charged at time of set-up. Billing for the service will start when the phone equipment arrives. When signing up for Voipia’s phone service, you have an opportunity to select the billing cycle you want. Your voice services will be billed in accordance with the bill cycle you selected.

Voipia provided phone equipment will be covered under its manufacturer’s warranty. If the equipment is damaged outside of the manufacturer’s warranty, it is the sole responsibility of the user to contact Voipia and purchase a replace device. Broken equipment shall not exempt user from service agreement.

Telephone numbers provided by Voipia to a customer shall be leased and not sold without the approval of Voipia management. If the customer chooses to ‘port’ their existing phone number into the Voipia Networks, the customer shall also be able to ‘port’ the number out of the Voipia Networks network upon termination of service if the End User has maintained an account in good standing with Voipia Networks. All requests to move phone numbers away from Voipia during or at the end of a satisfied Service Term require management approval.