Can your Network handle VoIP?

While VoIP is a tested and reliable technology, the quality of the phone call is dependent on the quality of the customer’s Internet Connection and Network. A phone call delivered by a Traditional Phone Service Provider is clear partly because it runs over a separate network line than the customer’s other Network Services. In the VoIP world this separate network strategy can provide the highest Call Quality for the customer. (Two Networks: the network for the computers is run completely separate from the network for the phones) Voipia even sells competitively priced Internet Connections directly to the customer’s location for the IP Phone calls to run over. But not all customers can afford to run separate networks. For these customers, Voipia has a number of Packet Routing adjustments the customer can make to their single network option to achieve a better call experience. Please contact a Voipia Representative for more information.

To test your Internet Connection for current ability to support a VoIP Call